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sleeping bag copy


  • Source: Nook's Cranny
    Available in all tiers of shops, including Timmy & Tommy before the shop is opened
  • Size: 2x1
  • Outdoor: O
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Body Name: Color
  • Cyrus Customization Price: 1000
  • Exchange Currency: Poki
  • Exchange Currency Price: 1300
  • HHA Base Points: 103
  • HHA Concept: outdoors / None
  • HHA Series: None
  • HHA Set: None

sleeping bag: (Green) Green / Yellow
sleeping bag: (Black) Gray / Black
sleeping bag: (Blue) Blue / Orange
sleeping bag: (Orange) Orange / Gray
sleeping bag: (Yellow) Yellow / Aqua
sleeping bag: (Purple) Pink / Purple
sleeping bag: (White) White / Yellow
sleeping bag: (Red) Red / Blue

🌐 Name
en flag English sleeping bag
en flag English (EU) sleeping bag
ko flag 한국어 침낭
ja flag 日本語 シュラフ
es flag Español saco de dormir
esus flag Español (NA) bolsa de dormir
fr flag Français sac de couchage
frus flag Français (NA) sac de couchage
de flag Deutsch Schlafsack
it flag Italiano sacco a pelo
nl flag Ned. slaapzak
ru flag русский спальный мешок
zh flag 简体中文 睡袋
tw flag 繁鱧中文 睡袋